Entrance and exit gates to Elaro will be guarded with a guardhouse stationed at each gate for ensuring security. Despite the tight security offered, visitors will be glad to be welcomed by luscious green landscapes. Like the other properties in Nuvali, Elaro offers a relaxing ambience and a modern appeal to all amenities they offer.

Elaro Calamba investors can take advantage of the full range of amenities offered to all Nuvali residents. The vicinity has a Village Clubhouse that comprises of the Social Hall which can be used to hold community meetings and organize events for family occasions and business opportunity meetings. It is also home to a lap pool where residents can practice and test their swimming skills on both amateur and professional level. There is also a lounge pool where residents can take a dip and enjoy the cold water amidst the warm weather. Children can also have a blast with other kids in the community and have a fun-filled hour at the kiddie pool. They can also enjoy fun physical activities at the indoor playground while adults can focus on their fitness routine at the Village Clubhouse’s dedicated fitness area.

The property will also have basketball and volleyball courts for the sports enthusiasts. It is also perfect for holding community sports festivals. Residents with jogging as part of their daily routine and runners who would like to keep their peak condition for running events and marathons will surely enjoy themselves at the indoor jogging oval.

The Main Park is a paradise for the outdoor lovers and people who want to keep in touch with the beauty of nature. It has a multi-purpose field which is great for playing outdoor games like football or soccer. It also has a camping area for people who want to be in touch with nature or want to do some star gazing in the night. There are also man-made ponds with water obtained from the rain catcher. Families can enjoy delicious home-made meals at the picnic area and share them with neighbors who are also enjoying themselves as well. The ground is also lined with boardwalks for a more natural feel that reminds you of the calming forest woods.

Elaro also shares other Nuvali amenities such as the Greenstallations or works of art made from scrap materials, the Evoliving Center, the Evozone Multifunctional Lake, the Lake Evozone business district for some shopping needs, the Republic Wakepark for a different kind of water experience, the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary for the animal lover and explorer, the Camp N outdoor camping site, the Green Patches and the Fields which is perfect for some outdoor sport like rugby or football. Some business travelers and visitors may also check in at the in-house hotel, the Seda Hotel, for a different kind of staycation experience. These amenities have contributed to Nuvali’s reputation for having eco-friendly environment for its residents and visitors.

  • Multi-Purpose Field
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Camping Area
  • Picnic Area
  • Man-Made Ponds
  • Boardwalks
  • Basketball/Volleyball Courts
  • Indoor Jogging Oval
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